Cube Inventory Management System

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Features of Cube

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This is where additional costs incurred by the organisation are registered for example cost of transportation, and other miscellaneous.


This module is where various branches of an organisation are managed, branches can be added, edited and deleted


Here, different products available or in stock in various branches are registered and displayed. The products can be edited or deleted if necessary.


This module shows the sales a user has made, also invoices can be generated and downloaded for each sale made.

Goals to achieve when using cube700

The main goal is to increase the visibility and organization of inventory activity via automated and streamlined pick/pack/ship features. Your business should run like a well-oiled machine upon implementation, and if you really want to do it right, you can implement our inventory management software with the software’s in-house support team.

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Our software is intuitive and easy to use, but it's normal to have a question or two! Ramp new users fast and get the training you need from our award-winning Customer Success team and on-demand resources.